Creative Space: Teresa Kline
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Hello peeps! It is Teresa here sharing my little studio/creative space. I use the word ?studio? lightly, but it is my little studio in my head. I appreciate my space very much even though it is not a huge room. I could have a room in our home as my creative space, but I would be away from my hubs and our two boxer fur babies, so I choose to use the space we have in our family room and it has worked very well. We have a longer hallway area that leads out our back door and my hubs built me shelving to store my things.

The first photo is my desk area. I am a stand-up creator. I never sit down and create as I find it very uncomfortable to sit. My mini MISTI and my two favorite storage pieces, my aqua carousels, stay on my desk. The one on the left holds my tools and tape runner. The smaller one on the right is where I store my brushes. My inks are stored on my desk at arm?s reach and other items I often reach for are on top of the inks.

Here I am sharing a wider-angle view of my desk. I keep my 8 1/2 x 11-inch colored cardstock underneath the desk along with other papers and 12 x 12-inch papers. The stand to the right holds my finished cards on top and cut cardstock and envelopes underneath. The storage containers down below hold ink spritzes, ribbons and other miscellaneous items.

In this photo, you have a better look at the built-in shelving. The shelves are adjustable for my needs and I do change them from time to time. I keep stamps, paints, colored pencils, twines, envelopes and other items on these shelves. The closed shelves hold more stamps, 6 x 6-inch paper pads and lots of other extras.

I encourage you to embrace your little creative space and try not to get caught up in what others have, but embrace the space you have! I hope you were inspired and will take a couple of ideas to use in your own home.

Enjoy your day and make time to create!

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3 Responses to Creative Space: Teresa Kline

  1. Barbara says:

    What an organized space you have for your studio. I love that most everything is within easy reach. I have 1/2 of an upstairs room for my “studio” and like you I enjoy having this small area just for stamping. Thanks so much for sharing the pics. Barbara

  2. Lucy E. says:

    Those are really nice shelves and cabinets! Good idea to be in the vicinity of your family. I’m hoping my hubs has enough energy after our current remodeling project
    to make me a craft room on the main floor of our house. It used to be in the basement
    but I don’t want to be down there anymore-too dark and we had water down there a couple of times. Thanks for the ideas!

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