Announcing ….
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… the new CardMaker blog team!!!

The arrival of a new year also means it’s time to celebrate the arrival of a brand-new CardMaker blog team! We are so happy to announce the new team members!

Please say hello to …

Jeanne Streiff

Jeanne Streiff

Kathy Martin

Kathy Martin

Kristie Hartfeil

Kristie Hartfeil

Kristine Reynolds

Kristine Reynolds

Sabrina Alery

Sabrina Alery

Vera Yates

Vera Yates

As always, we are excited to see the creative projects these ladies will be sharing with us over the new few months. Can’t wait to get started!

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to Alice Golden, Becky Cowley, Latisha Yoast, Michelle Woerner, Rosemary Dennis and Stacy Morgan. These ladies have done an amazing job the past few months teaching us card-making tips and techniques and inspiring us with their creativity! Thank you each for being a part of the CardMaker team!!

16 Responses to Announcing ….

  1. Congrats ladies!! Looking forward to seeing what you have to share int he coming months 🙂

  2. AJ says:

    Congrats ladies!!!!

  3. Patti J. says:

    What a great line-up! Congratulations to each of the new DT members! I always hate to see the last group step down, but it’s also fun to meet and greet the new teams! Can’t wait to see your amazing creations!

  4. Congratulations ladies!!! So excited to see your beautiful designs!

  5. Janet Castle says:

    Congrats ladies…looking forward to your posts!!!

  6. Alice Golden says:

    Congrats and welcome! You’ll have a blast being on the CardMaker team. Can’t wait to see your projects!

  7. Anna Wight says:

    YAY!! Congrats to all the ladies! What a super line-up!!

  8. Anna Wight says:

    YAY!! Congrats to all the ladies! What a great line-up!!

  9. What a great team!

    Congrats Ladies!

  10. Sherry D says:

    Congratulations ladies!

  11. Ivanka says:

    Wow! What a fabulous team of talented ladies. I am so looking forward to your posts over the coming months. It’s always sad to say bye to the old team, I’ve enjoyed your creations!

  12. Ruth G says:

    Congratulations to the new team! I can’t wait to see your inspiring creations here!
    Thanks so much to those who are leaving! It’s been a great year!

  13. Isha says:

    Congratulations ladies!!! Looking forward to your creations 🙂

  14. Pam L says:

    A warm welcome to the new DT Ladies!! And a big Thank You to the last DT for bringing lots of awesome projects!

  15. Stacy Morgan says:

    Congrats ladies! Brooke and Tanya are fabulous to work for and you are going to LOVE being on the CardMaker team! Whohohoo!!!!

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