Craft Organizational Tips from Tami
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January is a wonderful time for fresh starts and new outlooks. According to the status updates I have been seeing on Facebook lately that also includes craft rooms. Many crafters are cleaning, organizing and getting ready for new products that will be showcased at next month?s Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) show. Today I have a few storage tips for those of you in the process of ?out with the old and in with the new.? Of course, I am an ?organizer? and am always on the lookout for new storage and sorting ideas so feel free to stop by my blog for more ideas on a regular basis.

Now, before I start I must issue a disclaimer. I am *cheap.* I have no desire to spend more for storage than I do for product. You will not find any fancy cubes, shelves or Ikea in my stamp room. I love vertical storage, labels and thrift store finds.

My favorite storage tips? Never underestimate the power of a resale store and label everything.

With that in mind, let?s take a tour of my laundry room. Yes, I said laundry room. That?s where all of my craft supplies are kept. Not fancy sounding by any means but it?s a great place to hide because everyone will simply think you are working on laundry. 😉

One of the most important things when organizing is to decide what you have, what you will keep, what you will get rid of and what you need to buy. This is most easily done through sorting and labeling. By sorting and labeling, you can see at a glance what you have.

Let?s start with embellishments. Here is an easy and inexpensive way to sort embellishments.

I found these stacking containers at Dollar Tree in packs of 12. They work perfectly for sorting all of my buttons, brads and other small embellishments by color. I can now easily see what colors I have and what colors I might want more of. Dollar stores have lots of baskets, crates and boxes. All are perfect for storing supplies especially when they stack and can be clearly labeled. I love my label maker ($3 at a garage sale)!

By coupling a label maker with CD cases and inexpensive stacking crates, you have the perfect stamp storage. These stacking CD crates came from Walmart for 97 cents each. These crates are also the perfect size for 6 x 6-inch paper pads.

CD cases are great for neat and easy storage of all types. Thin metal dies such as those from Spellbinders? and My Favorite Things all fit perfectly in CD cases. I add magnetic strips found in the craft section to the insides to hold the dies in place and then store them in a small CD rack (found at a garage sale for $1). Each case will hold two sets of Nestabilities®.

Got ink? I found that my Clearsnap ink pads fit perfectly in this wooden cassette case (found at a resale store for $4). To quickly tell the colors of the inks, I swipe a self-adhesive label with the color and place it on the side of the pad.

Now that you have seen what you have and decided what you no longer need, the next question may be what to do with those unneeded items?

Before you get rid of anything, be sure to look for alternative uses. I almost gave away these Sizzix storage towers. Then I realized they were the perfect size for storing my Touch Twin markers!

There are many great sources online to move out items and many times even make some extra money for other supplies. Splitcoast Stampers and Two Peas in a Bucket both offer buy/sell/trade boards. Ebay is another great sales outlet. Want to sell locally? Try listing on Craigslist or watch for ?garage sales? at the local stamp or scrapbook store. Many consignment stores will also take craft supplies.

If you aren?t interested in selling the items, many churches, schools, community centers or stores like Goodwill are more than happy to take unwanted items.

These are just a few of my favorite storage ideas. What are yours?


6 Responses to Craft Organizational Tips from Tami

  1. debb says:

    You are I are on the same page (however you are much neater- LOL!)! Love your storage ideas!

  2. Carolyn King says:

    Tami– you are so clever. Inexpensive ideas that look fabulous— love it!!! Now…. Off to the dollar store 😉

  3. Patti J. says:

    You are so organized, Tami! Would love to see your whole room 🙂 I am feeling the need to purge! Thanks for the great ideas – off to our Dollar Store!

  4. Lisa Lara says:

    Oh I just love all your ideas Tami. I have a WALL at the back of our family room!

  5. wonderful ideas!!! thanks! 🙂

  6. Wow Tami!
    Love your inexpensive tips to organize!
    Looks awesome!

    True 😀

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