Creative Spaces: Jennie Harper
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Hi paper crafters! It?s Jennie and today I get to share my creative space with you. I wish I were a neat, tidy stamper, but sadly, I am not. My space is functional and I am quite thankful for my hodgepodge of storage units I have acquired over the years. I have a mix of bookcases, storage cubes, a kitchen buffet and I am blessed to have a MiniBox from ScrapBox. I managed to purchase the latter used after a stamping friend of mine bought it new, quit stamping shortly thereafter, and sold it to me for less than half the price. Obviously, my best stamping bargain ever!!!

Now for a few close-ups of what makes this functional for me.

As you can see I never close my MiniBox; every flat space is going to hold something!! The left side holds lots of sponges and markers.

And on the right of the MiniBox is where I keep my metal dies and embossing folders. This is in easy reach of my cube storage container, which is where I use my die-cutting machine.

I am fairly short and the buffet cabinet is the perfect height for cutting cardstock. The corkboard is a nice catch-all, whether it is pictures of the kids, cards from friends, or upcoming publication call information. The cubed bookcase is my newest addition and I love that I can keep my stamps and supplies fairly organized (and out of sight if they are not organized, lol!) within the canvas bins.

I use plastic containers for holding my cut cardstock so hopefully I will look there before I cut a new piece. The blue is for full-size cards that haven?t yet been scored and the green basket holds card-front panels.

The inside of the buffet is where I store my cardstock.

When I first started stamping back in 2005, I bought this rolling cart to hold my supplies. I have obviously outgrown my cart, but I still find it handy to have in my space as I can wheel it where I need it.

And in order to keep it real ?Carolyn style,? here is reality:

All of this clutter was on the other side of the room under a table and well, I still need to purge a LOT of it! Thanks for checking out my space and while it isn?t fancy, I am blessed to have my own little space where I can close the door and pretend it is tidy!



14 Responses to Creative Spaces: Jennie Harper

  1. Ooooh, I see sponge daubers! LOL! I really like how you have your paper storage set up. All these years stamping and I am still using a temporary system. Thanks for sharing, Jennie!

  2. Your space is great!! I love seeing real spaces-a place you can actually work in!! 🙂 Love the idea of keeping your dies and embossing folders in a basket-very pretty! I may have to give that a try! 🙂

  3. It’s hyuuuge! it rocks! Like seeing where you stamp 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing Jennie – looks great! I always appreciate seeing how my friends store stuff for new ideas. Gotta maximize that space right? Happy Friday!

  5. Riette (Red) says:

    hahaha – I LOVE the reality shot!! You are really blessed to have a dedicated space. Thanks for sharing! I got some ideas for my rolling cart.

  6. Anita A says:

    Stunning place! Great tips!

  7. Carolyn King says:

    I love your creative (and roomy!) space Jennie! What a great deal on the storage. (Maybe I can convince some of my friends to quit this hobby/cult?!) 🙂
    Love your keeping it real pic too 🙂 My motto: All you need is a door! xo

  8. Tanya says:

    Thanks for sharing a peek at your creative space with us, Jennie! I love seeing where our designers work their magic and create such beautiful projects. You all inspire me!

  9. Patti J. says:

    Oh Jennie, what a wonderful space you have! Everything is SO organized! I too, have my embossing folders in a basket, but never thought to do that with my dies! Great idea 🙂 It’s so much fun to see the place you work your magic. Thanks for sharing!

  10. True :) says:

    Great space! lots of room and great organization! Thanks for sharing.

    True 😀

  11. Penne says:

    Oh, Jennie! I always love seeing where my inspiration people sit (or stand) to create! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. colleen says:

    Jennie, you have a GREAT space! I love that you have a mix of different types of storage! And I too am a fan of the bulletin board! (You have awesome paper storage!) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Glenda J says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your space Jennie! Great ideas for storage.

  14. Linda Payne says:

    What a room and even your reality pic is actually pretty tidy! Soooo impressed(-:

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