Card Challenge Corner: Pet Parade
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Pet lovers will adore this week’s Card Challenge Corner—create a card showcasing your favorite animal friend, whether it’s your own pet or just an animal you adore. Shown above is our technical editor Corene’s cute dog who is named Bob, who is now famous because he’s being featured on the blog today. 🙂 Once you’ve finished your card, please share it in the Challenge Corner and we’d love it if you shared a story about your favorite pet.

4 Responses to Card Challenge Corner: Pet Parade

  1. Carolyn King says:

    How cute is Bob? Love that name! Fun challenge!

  2. Awe…Corene, you named your dog after my sweet hubby!
    He is almost as cute as my hubby too….almost! 🙂

  3. Corene says:

    Oh I hope this doesn’t go to my little dogs head!!!

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