Guest Post: Catherine Scanlon
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Hello everyone, it’s Catherine Scanlon and I’m super excited to back again for a guest spot here on the CardMaker blog. Today I want to share a fun coloring sheet that I think you’re going to like.

This is a piece of 12 x 12-inch watercolor paper from ADORNit with some of my floral illustrations printed on it. It’s really sturdy so you can use watercolor paints, colored pencils and other media to color the designs.

There are six different sheets; each sheet has a different theme that you can cut apart and color however you want. This is the Choose Happiness sheet, and I just love the larger image on this one.

For this design, I used a combination of watercolor inks, colored pencils and various types of markers to color the design. When I’m tackling a complicated image like this, I try to work from color to color so that I create a nice, balanced design that doesn’t have colors that clash with each other.

I started with the roses and painted them a pretty magenta and then moved over to the yellow flowers. To get the nice two-tone look, I painted the first layer of the flower with a solid yellow and let that dry almost completely. Then I used a watered-down orange, the same color I used on the lily on the right, to add some details to the petals. I also painted the center of these flowers orange. Once I had painted the lily, I let the entire design dry. While the leaves were drying, I picked up a marker and added some details to the flowers and doodled with a gold pen around the borders. To finish, I used a blue colored pencil to color in the background.

This is a fun way to create a variety of projects from one sheet. This particular design has two 4 x 6-inch designs, one 8 x 10-inch design and four pretty flowers that could be a bookmark or cut out and used with a foam dot on another card. All six of these 12 x 12-inch ArtPlay Paintable designs will be available from ADORNit in a few weeks. I hope you’ll check out all the designs and share your work with me on Instagram.

THANKS so much for joining me today, happy fall!


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3 Responses to Guest Post: Catherine Scanlon

  1. Michelle PB says:

    Love this coloring sheet Catherine
    Your art inspires me…always!

  2. Billie A says:

    I like the idea of the coloring sheet. Beautiful flowers and painted colors are so pretty.

  3. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Gorgeous work as always Cat!

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