Teresa’s Technique of the Week: Grunge Inking
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Hello everyone! It is Teresa today sharing a super easy and practical step-by-step technique.

I don?t know about you, but sometimes I see something and think ?How can I create that without spending any extra money?? I think we all can agree buying our supplies is half the fun. When I saw all the awesome grunge stamps and splatter stamps, I did think I could do this without buying anything else. So, I came up with what I call ?grunge inking.?

Here is what you will need to get started: ink, cardstock and a paper towel.

To start, insert a finger or two into the end of a paper towel. Rub the end of the paper towel into an ink pad and then swipe the color onto a piece of cardstock for a smeared grunge look.

You can continue to swipe as much as you want for the look you want. I also have used an ink blending tool at the end of the paper towel to create blobs of ink. You can reach for just about anything to put into the paper towel to create all sorts of different looks.

Here is a super-fun clean and simple card I created using the grunge inking technique.

I encourage you to try this technique and see what you can create with things you already have on hand. I also would love for you to visit and follow me on my blog Paperie Blooms or IG at 2klines.


4 Responses to Teresa’s Technique of the Week: Grunge Inking

  1. Pat says:

    I find it literally amazing how pretty much anything goes when creating a greeting card. When we think we have ruined our card and then it turns out to be a “creative” piece of work. A ” smudge of ink here, a torn edge there, an incorrect coloring coupling”. And alas we have made “art” and someone loves it! That’s why I like cardmaking so, there’s (usually) never a mistake that can’t be turned into a beautiful creation.

  2. Eva says:

    Amazing share Teresa! loved the soft color

  3. teresa kline says:

    thanks eva, you are a sweetie and one of my favorite creating friends!

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