Creative Space: Savannah O’Gwynn
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Hello, friends! Savannah O’Gwynn here today sharing my brand NEW studio! I?m so excited that everything is out of boxes from our move in July! I had planned on taking a month to get settled, but that didn?t happen due to painting, Hurricane Irma, and delays in the cabinets being installed. But let me tell you?it was WORTH THE WAIT!

I am very blessed to have a studio or room to craft in. My old studio was eclectic and full of color, shelves, containers, collections of dolls and cards from family and friends. You can find a video tour of that studio by clicking HERE. My new studio is a tad different. I went with a light nature blue instead of yellow paint. I have cabinets that close everything off from the public eye; this makes it easier to hide messes! LOL! My new studio is a bit bigger too.

What I?m most excited about are my cabinets. We purchased them from a company that removes old cabinets and installs new ones. We bought about 20 cabinets; it was the full set! The best part about them is that the bottom ones have pull-out drawers!

Inside my closet, I have three wire shelves where I store plastic tubs full of ribbons, eyelets, tape, twine, gems, brads, stickers, journaling cards and more.

Under the wire shelves, I have wooden cabinets and IKEA racks to hold 12 x 12-inch papers, stamps, dies and washi tape.

I have three desk areas in my new studio. The first one is where I will do all of my computer work. I have two upper cabinets that hold notebooks and random items that I really didn?t know where to put! The bottom left cabinet has four drawers with lots of notebooks, calendars, pens, tapes and paper. The bottom right cabinet has my printer and Silhouette Cameo.

My second desk area is on the other wall and this is where I will do my crafting and videos. I have four upper cabinets that hold various items, such as card envelopes, Whisker Graphics bitty bags (I?m obsessed with these), Imagine inks (another obsession of mine), extra cutting boards/trimmers and boxes or containers.

The bottom left cabinet holds my most used inks. I also have pull-out drawers that hold my cardmaking supplies like adhesive tapes, envelopes and card bases, and glossy accents.

The bottom cabinets next to my desk area hold a pull-out trash can (so fun!) and extra Bible journaling supplies. In the drawers are my most used supplies like scissors, acrylic blocks, tapes, etc. The bottom right cabinet holds MORE inks and sprays, as well as paints.

The last desk area is for my sewing machines. I love to create little book covers, keychains, and blankets for babies. I have two sewing machines. One is for fabric and the little one is for sewing on cards. Note: Be sure to check out my post with tips and tricks for sewing on cards HERE.

Next to that desk is a large standing cabinet that holds all of my 6 x 6-inch paper pads and 8 x 11-inch cardstock sheets. I am obsessed with paper! I have organized them in IKEA bins with plastic dividers.

Finally, there is a rolling table in the center of my room for cutting fabric or for friends who want to stop by and craft with me. This table was used in my classroom. I taught my students how to sew and cross-stitch after school. It is cool because it has two sides that fold up or down to make the table larger or smaller. In this photo only one side is up.

I know I?ve shared a lot of photos today! Actually, I am not even done decorating my studio. I have two desks chairs arriving later today, I would like to install a shelf above my computer, and Trav is ordering under-cabinet lighting! It?s a work in progress.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my studio! I almost forgot?my studio has always been called SAVANNAHLAND. That?s because I live in my own little world. 🙂 That is where my blog name comes from. I get to share my little world with friends through the internet.

If you are ever in Florida, let me know! I?d love for you to visit and craft with me in my studio! There?s plenty of room.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be blessed!


29 Responses to Creative Space: Savannah O’Gwynn

  1. ~amy~ says:

    SAV! Your space is incredible and gorgeous! Love how everything is organized and the pale blue paint is perfect. Thanks for sharing your awesome studio!

  2. Wow! Your new studio is beautiful, Savannah!!! Love all of the storage space and how you have everything so well-organized!! Looks like a very VERY happy place to get crafty!!!

    • Thanks so much, Lisa <3 I am a neat freak and LOVE to organize! Everything is pretty much organized right now, but I'm constantly reorganizing! Super fun:) Hope you get to come visit some day <3

  3. PamC says:

    What do you use the Whisker Graphics bitty bags for?

    Love the room and the idea of out-of-sight storage. Beautiful!

    • Hey Pam! I use my WG bitty bags for soooooooo much! I use them to hold goodies for my bible journaling classes, and then we use them to hold prayers/lists/etc. in our bibles (so it’s a useful gift!). I also use them for gift cards, as envelopes for cards or notes, and I use them in my binders (with washi tape support on the sides). I am a WG design team, alumni, so I’ve been using bitty bags for EVERYTHING! LOL!

      Thanks for your comment! You made my day:)

  4. Michele F says:

    Savannahland has more than Disney World to attract me!! You better be careful, Sav… I’m known to show up with an hour’s notice! Gorgeous space – it’s no wonder your creations are beautiful…

  5. Teresa Doyle says:

    A beautiful craft room Savannah, I love the soft blue walls and the cabinetry is awesome. Such a bright and inviting room to work (PLAY) in!

  6. Annie says:

    A wonderful space to create! I enjoyed the tour. I always like seeing how others organize their supplies. I too love paper!

  7. Anita A. says:

    Wow! This is stunning! It is perfect for you. Have fun crafting.

  8. Joan Vancourt says:

    Wow, Savannah, this room is fantastic. I am moving next year and will have to do the same as you. I love that you found a whole set of cabinets from a company resells used cabinets. Great idea. Love you whole set up. Thank you so much for letting us see your new space.

    • OHHHHHHH, Joan! I highly recommend you finding a resell shop for cabinets! It’s the BEST idea ever! And cheap:) I definitely do not want to move again (I stopped counting after 69 large boxes for my studio!)! Let me know when you move and I will be praying for you <3 Can't wait to see your new studio!!! <3

  9. What a fabulous crafting space, thanks for sharing!

  10. Julie Tucker says:

    Wow!!! Your room is AMAZING!! I am IN LOVE!

  11. Sheryl says:

    Could you tell me where you got the stacking baskets under the rolling table? If from Ikea, do you happen to know the name or the series. I’ve been scouring their site and can’t seem to find anything that size. I love your room…I would just live there fulltime.

  12. Colleen D says:

    Gorgeous crafting space, Savvy, and it’s so neatly organized! May you have many happy hours crafting in it. Xo

    • COLLEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! You are too kind! I wish you could come down here and craft with me! Miss you!!!!!!! There have been many hours of happy crafting… and then some not so happy (like yesterday when I sliced my finger/thumb with an exacto knife!! LOL!). It would definitely be MORE happy with you here:)

  13. FABULOUS!! What a wonderful space to craft in!!

  14. Becca Yahrling says:

    Oh my, this is just beautiful! I’d never want to leave this room! LOVE!!! Where in Florida are you, Savannah? I’m down south near Ft. Lauderdale. 🙂

  15. Marjorie Dumontier says:

    That’s a cool land !! Thanks fir the journey !! 😉

  16. Arianna Barbara says:

    Wow! Beautiful craft room!!! Enjoy this paradise!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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