Creative Space: Clare Prezzia
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Hello all! Clare here today, with pictures of my oh-so-swanky craft space. I?ve been moving around a lot the past year, so I try to keep my supplies and storage units down to a minimum. Right now, everything is currently stashed in one corner of my bedroom.

I?m only going to go over my favorite spots, since even with a smaller space, there?s still a lot!

First is my desk. It may not look like much (actually, the lower shelf is an absolute mess!), but I love it, mostly because of the dark laminate covering. This means that I can get super messy with inks and blending and I don?t have to worry because it all comes off with a bit of stamp cleaner and/or baby wipes! The dark brown also hides any staining. 😉


A favorite new storage unit is this rolling cart from Ikea. I know, I know, they are all the rage these days. I didn?t get it before, but when I finally caved into cardmaker ?peer pressure? (all good things, all good things), I loved it! This is where I store most of the seasonal stamps I use for assignments, as well as all my Hero Arts inks, and on the bottom row, older stamps and premade card bases.


Next, I love this rolling drawer unit from Michaels. From top to bottom, I store my woodblock stamps, Tim Holtz inks and other inks, watercolors and other inking tools, more inking tools (such as cleaner and a MISTI), and finally, a bunch of adhesive.

Finally, I have a small storage center where I store my markers, clear blocks and masking tape. Next to it, another rolling storage center holds all my cardstock on the top.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour!

Thanks for stopping in and God bless!



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  1. teresa kline says:

    I luv the drawers, fun space!

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