Savannah’s Technique of the Week: Stitching on Cards
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Hello, friends! Savannah O?Gwynn here today and I?m sharing a card-making technique that I use often on my projects. I love to add stitching to my cards as extra dimension and detail, as well as to secure embellishments, paper layers and die-cut pieces!

Sewing on a card or on paper is simple; it?s exactly like fabric. Here are a few tips that I want to share.

Tip 1: Anyone can sew. All you need to do is practice on scrap paper.

Tip 2: Any sewing machine will work. You don?t have to purchase anything fancy. I have a basic Brother sewing machine that I use. I do have an extra base for my sewing machine, but I?ve removed it to make storing it easier!

Tip 3: To sew successfully through paper, set your stitch length at a higher number. Most machines start at 2.5 and go from 0?5 in increments of 0.5. I like to sew with my length at 3 and above. Anything lower than 3 tends to tear the paper because the stitches are too close, perforating the paper.

Tip 4: Go slow! Taking your time to stitch slowly through your layers will help protect your card and design from the Feed Dogs (this feeds the paper through) and the Pressure Foot (this applies pressure on the paper while sewing) destroying your project.

Tip 5: Use minimal adhesive or avoid using adhesive where stitching will be added. Glue and adhesive tapes can mess up a sewing machine, so less (or none) is more!

Tip 6: Use all of the stitches available on your sewing machine! Each machine comes with a set number of stitches and there are some pretty designs that look great as accents to your card design!

Tip 7: Know where you will stitch before finishing your card! This is important because your machine will not stitch over anything dimensional such as gems and enamel dots. Sew on your card BEFORE adding any extra embellishments.

Ok, let?s get to the card!

1. I began by gathering my supplies.

2. I cut my card base (a postcard) to size and die-cut my pieces from multiple colored cardstock. Note: I never throw my scrap papers away! I wanted to use some of the flower designs for the card, so I saved this piece for fussy cutting later.

3. Then I cut white cardstock to cover up the printed sentiment.

4. Next, I added adhesive tape to the back to attach it to my card base. Remembering Tip #5 for adding adhesive, I added just enough tape to the center of the white cardstock to secure it to the base while stitching.

5. I set my stitch length to 3.5 for a medium stitch.

6. Next, I stitched two straight lines on either side of the cardstock. Note: Open your card fully BEFORE stitching! Trust me again! I have forgotten to open my card and stitched through both the front and back.

7. To begin stitching, I placed the needle as close to the edge of the card where I would be stitching. Note: Use your handwheel manually on your sewing machine to make sure the location of your first stitch is exactly where it needs to be.

8. I stitched two lines on either edge of the white cardstock. I started and ended both stitched lines as close to the edge of the card as possible. For your card, you can stitch around the card, in a line, or just over some papers/layers/embellishments.

9. To finish my stitched design, I pulled out my card and trimmed the thread longer than it needed to be. This ensured that I had enough thread for extra decoration or if I needed to tie the pieces on the back to secure the stitch more. For this card, I trimmed the extra pieces on the back and left the front threads longer.

10. I finished the card by adding embellishments and a die-cut sentiment.

It?s that easy to add stitching to your project! You can see that my stitching isn?t perfect and I?m considered an advanced sewer (but that?s with fabric!). Plus, I love the imperfect design as it shows my card is homemade.

I hope that you are inspired by my creation and that you will try stitching on your next card. If you use a stitch other than straight or zigzag, let me know! I?d love to check out your project.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be blessed. 🙂


Supplies used: She Blooms Blessings by Mail postcard from Illustrated Faith/Bella BLVD; Wink of Stella clear glitter brush pen from Kuretake ZIG; Foliage 1 dies (#J3D-15-244) from Paper Smooches; Glossy Accents from Ranger Industries Inc.

3 Responses to Savannah’s Technique of the Week: Stitching on Cards

  1. teresa kline says:

    super cute card, luv the colors and design!

  2. Julie Tucker says:

    Just GORGEOUS! LOVING the stitching!!!!!!!!!

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