Blog Team Member Spotlight: Savannah O’Gwynn
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Name: Savannah O?Gwynn
Blog: savannahland2
Instagram: savannahland2

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started creating cards:
My name is Savannah O?Gwynn. I?m married to my best friend, Travis, and a fur mommy to two amazing pups, Olsen and Olly. I love to sing and lead worship with my husband at church (he plays the guitar and sings as well). We enjoy riding our bikes around the neighborhood and playing card or board games. Travis has been known to help me design and create my projects?he has a really good eye for designs! I started making cards professionally a few years after I left my 4th-grade teaching position. I saw cards in magazines that made me think, ?I could do that, too!?, and so I started trying new techniques and crafting projects on a daily basis. I would say my love for paper crafting came to be at a young age and has flourished the past couple of years. My style varies for each project. I love to use lots of patterned paper, embellishments and layers (complex), but I also love to use a soft watercolored background and an embossed sentiment (simple). My goal in crafting is to share my creativity and send out projects to brighten someone?s day, and I think my cards do just that. 🙂

Here are a few of Savannah?s favorite cards she?s created:

I love this card because it makes me happy! A happy cloud jump roping with a rainbow jump rope?so adorable! It?s been ages since I?ve actually used a jump rope, and now I?m on the hunt for a rainbow one.

I think this card showcases my style well. I enjoy using patterned papers and color, as well as lots of layering and embellishments. This card is fun and beautiful; it?s definitely one of my favorites!

I have created a couple of cards like this one, and I looooooooooove how they turn out each time! This card was created using a paper die-cut in the shape of an ?X? from a cross-stitch die set. I die-cut a bunch of them in various colors to create a faux cross-stitched fox image. This card took a lot of time to create, but it was worth it! I love how this turned out! My previous faux cross-stitched fox images were similar in design but created using an ?X? stamp and colored inks.

I love this card because again it showcases my love of patterned papers/layers/embellishments/etc., but it also is a demonstration of Trav?s design skill! He helped me figure out that this card needed a geometric/triangle heart right in the center?that heart was his idea! I love it!

Fun Facts:
My favorite junk food is raw cake powder right out of the box.
If I could take a vacation anywhere, I would head back to Israel and stay longer.
The one word that best describes me is original.
If I could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive), it would be Jesus or Queen Esther.
My favorite movie/television show is Chopped.
I?d love to learn how to letter or write in calligraphy.
The best concert I?ve ever attended was Kari Jobe?s Orlando concert a couple of years back. We won tickets and met some of the band members.
I?m never without my favorite pen which is a $2 Bic pen.
The best super power to have would be to live for eternity (is that super power?!?!?!).

6 Responses to Blog Team Member Spotlight: Savannah O’Gwynn

  1. Julie Tucker says:

    Love Savannah and love her style!! These are all gorgeous!!

  2. teresa kline says:

    so awesome to learn more about you…I look forward to seeing what you create!

  3. Lisa bentley says:

    These cards are gorgeous!! I love the wedding one and the pineapple one! Wow! great job savannah!!! You’re such an amazing artist, I love seeing your work!!! <3

  4. Trish Hathaway says:

    You are such a ray if sunshine. Your class us awesome. Thank you for sharing!

  5. ~amy~ says:

    YAY for Sav! Love her style!

  6. Mariella says:

    Ilove her style.

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