Creative Space: Kat Benjamin
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Good morning, everyone! Kat here to give you a quick tour of my scrap room. A small disclaimer: I am a ?cluttery? person and my room is small. So even though I tried to clean it up some before I took the pictures for today?s post, you?ll still probably find it to be a bit messy. Sorry about that?I?m keeping it real, though. 🙂

When you first enter the room, you will notice a few things:

  • A bright chair that my husband absolutely hates, but that he loves to sit and read in while I?m scrapping.
  • The corner of the dog bed. Moose is almost always by my side in the scrap room. It?s on the bottom floor of our townhome and is one of the coolest spots in the house.
  • A giant stack of subscription boxes. I almost moved them out of the way for the picture, but in case there are other people like me who have these giant stacks, I want you to know it?s okay!
  • A couple of years ago for my birthday, my husband and niece made a wooden sign for me that says ?Krafty Kat.? I also have some artwork from my younger niece hanging above the chair. These personal touches make the room (and me) feel special.

This is a closer look at the shelf behind my desk. I have lots of paints and spray mists and baskets of randomness. I?m on a few different manufacturer design teams, so I try to have a basket/box for each of them. This makes it a little bit easier when I work on my projects.

This is my favorite corner of the room. I love my shelf with some of my favorite layouts displayed. My sewing machine, typewriter and Raskog cart get the most use; I stand in this corner a lot.

Finally, this is my view from my desk. I like to binge watch Netflix while I craft. The paper lanterns are left over from my wedding five years ago. I?m so glad I was able to incorporate them into my room. The layout on the wall is one of my favorites?it holds a picture of my late grandmother and me on my wedding day. She?s also where I get my crafty gene from, so it?s a good way to honor her.


2 Responses to Creative Space: Kat Benjamin

  1. PamC says:

    Absolutely love your room. The personal touches are special. And I do not see clutter… just wonderful opportunities for future fun.

  2. I don’t see any clutter in this room. Wish my craft room was as neat as this.
    The good side of a messy craft room is that you have to sometimes look for something but it’s a good way to keep your mind fresh of what you have. Looks as if you are well organized. Love your chair.

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