Creative Space: Melissa Bickford of Just Dandy Studio
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Hi there! Melissa here with you today to share a little peek into my happy place—Just Dandy Studio. I?m a basement paper crafter. When we moved into our new home eight years ago, we finished our basement and turned half of it into my studio and the other half into a home gym. I love everything about it, except the lighting. Since it is in the basement I don?t get a lot of natural light, which is a bit of a struggle when it comes to taking photos. But I can work around that. After years of working from the dining room table, I?m just super happy to have a place to call my own.

Here is a peek looking into my room. It?s not a large space, but there is plenty of room for me. I apologize for the grainy photos today—again, basement stamper and not a lot of good lighting.

My husband built me this huge storage unit. I LOVE having this. It has been such a lifesaver for me when it comes to having to store things that I don?t use on a daily basis.

Here is my work desk. I chose to go with a counter-top height for my desk. I usually sit when I am creating, but it?s nice to have the option to stand if I need to. I like to have everything within arm?s reach when I?m working and that?s one of the reasons I put the peg board up above my work station. I love having everything I need right there and ready to grab when I need it.

This ink storage, from OrganizeMore, is a new addition to my studio. I got it for Christmas and I love that I now have a place for my inks to go. Before I had this they were all stacked in a basket on my peg board. Not very convenient when I?m working on a card and need to weed through the stack to find the color I want. This is so much better!

These little baskets have been a life saver for me. I?m a huge die-cut addict. I?m always die-cutting more than I need and I never want to throw anything out. I was having a hard time keeping them separated by stamp company and was looking for a way to store them. I came across these inexpensive baskets and they are working like a charm. They are not too big so they don?t take up a lot of space on my desk and they could also be stacked together, if need be.

Shown here is my stamp and die storage. I think a lot of stampers use this method for keeping their stamps and dies in order. I picked up the refrigerator bin at my local TJ Maxx and the stamp pockets are from Avery Elle.

Here?s a peek at the opposite side of my studio—my sewing station.

I?m still on the search for the perfect storage system for my cards. Until I find it, I?m using these wooden crates to store them.

I?ll end with one of my favorites in my room—this colorful wall unit filled with all the things that make me happy!

Thanks for visiting with me today. I hope you enjoyed seeing where I do all of my creating and spend a lot of my time!

Have a wonderful day!

12 Responses to Creative Space: Melissa Bickford of Just Dandy Studio

  1. Joan Bardee says:

    wow, what a colorful happy place — just like you.

  2. ~amy~ says:

    Melissa, your space is so FUN!!!!!!

  3. What a ‘happy’ place to get creative in. Love the colors and storage ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Michele F says:

    Melissa, your Studio, and your blog name are perfectly suited for one another!!! Bright, in spite of the lighting, cheerful, gorgeous, and oh so YOU!

  5. Barbara says:

    Your studio is great! I like the way you organized your supplies. The color palette is so pretty and it makes me smile!😊

  6. Wanda says:

    Happy place for sure! All those bright colors and organization! We have a lot of the same style in our areas!

  7. Sharon Mattingly says:

    What a fun and happy work space! Love it!

  8. Mindy says:

    So beautifully Bright I Love it! Organizing ideas that are so very useful and I love the way you display your paint, buttons, and ribbon.

  9. Charlotte Bullock says:

    Such a beautiful & colorful work space!! Just beautiful.
    I would so love to come mess it up for you, now how much fun would that be?? Hugs, C

  10. PamC says:

    Thanks for sharing. A beautiful room!

  11. Linda Murray says:

    How can you not be creative and inspired by this beautiful room. Good job.

  12. April S. says:

    I love how colorful your space is.

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