Creative Space: Lisa Silver
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Hello! It?s Lisa with a view into my creative space. I really love how that sounds, don?t you?

So, confession time ? I was really excited about sharing these photos with everyone. I thoroughly cleaned my room, ruthlessly culling through the stacks to attain some order. I purged meaningless scraps and old supplies to get things in tip-top order. And when I looked at the photos I took, I realized something very basic. Craft supplies are messy. They are meant to be used. The packaging is colorful and when combined together, you get a cacophony of discordant notes. It?s impossible to make a craft room look like a showroom unless you spend a mint. BUT—you are all creative people with craft supplies. You completely understand me. #thecraftstruggleisreal

With all that said, I humbly present my work space. I?m very fortunate to have a room in my house dedicated to crafting. I started as many people do, crafting at a kitchen table with a few supplies. Then, running out of room, I migrated to the home office. My desk at the time was created from two file cabinets and an old door. Not only was this too low to the ground, it wasn?t the most stable. However, I thought I was queen and couldn?t have been more ecstatic to have a space. I?ve modified my room over time to get to where I am today and love my room.

To get an idea of my space, this is the layout. Look how neat my space is?! Just kidding. I planned the space carefully, purchasing basic cabinets that are kitchen-counter height. These were unfinished wood and VERY inexpensive. Initially, I had an MDF countertop that my grandfather built. This worked for years, but over time the paint took a beating. It was this spring that I finally upgraded to an inexpensive laminate countertop. What a perfect investment! I can get fairly inky and messy and it cleans up like a dream.

The design of the room is to make best use of the U-shaped counters. When I was crafting with my door-desk, I added the open shelving to the main wall to hold supplies. These have served me well. You?ll have to trust me that they are actually well organized with my dies, wood-mounted stamps and ribbon.

Between the file cabinets is a rolling paper cart. I have my paper trimmers and die-cutting machine on that portion of the counter as well.

I tend to sit along one side in the rolling, drafting chair. I have inks and markers all within reach. My primary tools are stored to the left of the desk space. I have a tool storage solution I purchased at a craft store that rotates. This holds scissors, pens/pencils, rulers and paintbrushes.

Having plenty of light is important. I have a couple of task lights and the benefit of a nearby window for my main work space. It?s ideal for working at any time of day.

On the wall nearest the window are two bookcases. I keep my stamps stored here. Over the years, I?ve tried multiple systems. Many of my stamp sets are in DVD tins. I also have stamp pockets and a few stamp binders. Overall, I?m convinced that if stamps are accessible, I?ll use them. I had stamps in the closet at one time and rarely looked for them there. It?s clear that I need in sight to be in mind!

And one last view of the room is towards the door. I have a second workspace directly behind my main area. This works well if someone joins me for some creative fun or to spread out work projects. I have my electronic cutter and foiling machine over here, too. I love the whiteboard on the wall to scrawl card sketches or post favorite projects. Some of my kids? artwork hangs there, too!

So, it?s probably not as organized as it could be. I can honestly say that the closet and drawers can hide all manner of clutter. At the end of the day, it?s a functional and great place to create. I love spending time here.

I hope you?ve liked this little tour. If you have any questions about the layout or design, please let me know. I have a post coming in the next week that will share a few of my storage tips, so stay tuned!

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7 Responses to Creative Space: Lisa Silver

  1. joyce says:

    I craft in a closet.

    • Lisa Silver says:

      What a great idea! I love the idea of having everything in one neat space. I started with a rolling cart, pulled out to the kitchen table. I don’t think a space has to be grand to be wonderful. It’s all about enjoying the hobby and creating for others!

  2. Vicki says:

    What are you using for your ink pads?

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’m converting my husand’s old “man cave” into my craft room. And had no real idea how to start. I’ve used my guest room and a tiny corner desk since 2009. I hope to purge this space and start with an L shaped desk and use an old entertainment center along with some CD racks as my basics. Wish me luck.

  4. DawnL says:

    Wow, Lisa…awesome room!!! TFS!

  5. Such a great workspace! And, everything so neatly organized. Love that!

  6. jennifer hall says:

    Your pictures of your room, gave me some wonderful ideas. I am very excited to start rearranging. Thanks for sharing your Happy Place for all to see.

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