Pamela’s Storage Tip
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Hello everyone! Pamela here today to share a storage tip for stamps. The perfectionist side of me loves everything in its place. That?s not true for my worktable though, but that?s a post for another day.

This is the organizer system I use for my stamps. I got this one at Sam?s Club ages ago. I see similar ones in most all of the crafting shops. They should be easy to find if you want one.

I labeled each drawer. This is so helpful when it comes to cleanup. Before, I would shove my stamps back in anywhere. Now, they are easy to find and put away.

I keep all plants, trees and flower stamps in this drawer.

I keep all my sentiments together in this drawer. I keep all holiday sentiments and stamps I only use occasionally in the bottom drawer.

I have several drawers for my cling stamps. I like to submit to challenges, contests and magazines, and for those I must have the stamp manufacturer, collection title and item number. Because of that, I keep my packaging material with my stamps.

Hope this gives you some ideas for organizing and storing your stamps. I would love to see pictures of your storage, too. I?m always on the lookout for new ideas!


12 Responses to Pamela’s Storage Tip

  1. DawnL says:

    nice tip, Pamela! I need to put that into practice!

  2. Gail Hutchinson says:

    Hi Pamela…I also stamp each stamp on a sheet of cardstock This way I know what is in each drawer at a look. I use a chest of drawers for some of my stamps and this really helps.

  3. Dianne Harrison says:

    So glad I found you I’m trying to make my craft room more functional and I’ll try some of your suggestions. Thankyou

  4. Marianne B in AZ says:

    Our styles match completely! Everything in its place unless it is on my table. Then, it is just a big mess!

  5. TracyM #6773 says:

    Great storage Pamela – Thank You for sharing!!!
    I confess that mine are all in a huge tub and I waste a lot of time searching through them all. I think it is time to review the supplies I have in my drawers and make a swap so that my stamps can take over 🙂

  6. Kathy Carter says:

    Thank you! I am in the process of redoing my craft area and always looking for good storage ideas. This is for sure on the top of my list!!

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