Creative Space: Linda Beeson
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Linda here to share a little bit of my creating space. Raising four kids and having them move out one by one gave me the great opportunity to have my own room for creating and storing my craft supplies.

Instead of showing you an overall photo, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite things in the room and the way I store items. One thing I have learned is that storage is key on allowing you to use your supplies. Over time I have learned what items I want closest to my crafting space. Every once in awhile, I analyze how convenient my work space is.

I love photography as well as card making and scrapbooking, so it was important to me to be able to showcase some of my favorite photos of my kids and grandkids. I found this framed magnet board and created a collage look allowing me to easily add or subtract photos. I found the adorable heart garland at Michaels and since I love red and hearts it seemed like a great accent.

It’s important to me to have my cardstock and patterned papers close by while I’m creating. I have found these upright storage bins to be my favorite way to store my papers. After trying several systems, this is the most convenient and fast way for me to chose what I want for each project.

I love punches. I have loved them for a long time and I have many. Whenever I purge my supplies, my punches are one of those things I can’t get rid of. I have a few of these towers of plastic drawers in my room and they are the perfect way for me to store them.

My first introduction to paper crafts was with stamping. Back then, wood-mounted stamps were available so I have a particular love for them. I do love newer clear, cling styles of stamps because they tend to be more economical and come in little sets. However, I love to see my wood-mounted ones and these little wood shelves put them on display. This makes it easy to pick out which ones I want to use, too.

Last but not least on my little peek are these mini Distress ink pads. I love these and I want them within reach so I bought a little dish that is just right for holding them within reach. I have many other stamp pads and most of them are in plastic drawer towers within my reach. Another fun thing I have found are super cute mugs that hold various supplies. I’m all about the “cute” factor and the mugs also help keep me organized with pens and brushes, etc.

Thanks for letting me share part of my love of crafting and creating.


5 Responses to Creative Space: Linda Beeson

  1. DawnL says:

    lol, Linda.. we sound a lot alike! taking over a room when a kid moves out…yay!!
    love your photo collage!
    thanks for sharing your space!

  2. Daniele Galanti says:

    Love your space one day I’ll have a nice space to thanks for sharing

  3. Laura Smith says:

    You and I have many of the same ideas. I have a whole room devoted to my card making. I have all of my stamps in those tower rolling drawers and I have a large storage unit with bins that pull out and in there I keep things like adhesive, punches, and misc. crafting supplies. I too have my paper in the magazine holders, it keeps them nice and I can easily see what I want from my collection. I have all my smaller patterned paper stacked in a small plastic tub sitting on top of one of my rolling bins and I keep my dies in a plastic basket. Also have shelves over my workspace where I keep my markers in plastic bins and my other embellishments in small dollar tree bins.

  4. What a fun place to work! Wish you lived next door so we could create together.

  5. I love the way you did your crafts u gave me some ideas thank you

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