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Video Class Review: 10 Festive Christmas Cards for the Busy Crafter

Did you know that Annie's has online classes? Recently I viewed Megan Hoeppner's class, 10 Festive Christmas Dards for the Busy Crafter. While you will learn how to create 10 Christmas cards, you will also learn many tips that you can utilize to create batches of cards for any occasion.

10 Festive Christmas Cards for the Busy Crafter

If you've never taken an online class from Annie's, I would encourage you to check out all of them, but especially 10 Festive Christmas Cards for the Busy Crafter. Before I dive into what is offered in this specific class, I want to share with you what to expect with any class from Annie's.

To start off, after you purchase any of the classes offered, you will have access to it online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is forever your class to come back to and view over and over again as you wish. The class platform is set up to allow you to either start at the beginning and watch the whole class in sequence, or you can jump around and watch or re-watch a specific section on how to create a specific card.

There is also a section for you to print off or review PDFs of each project individually. The printable PDFs give you a list of the products used, the product dimensions and written instructions, just as you find in CardMaker magazine. You are also provided with a class materials list. This list is a great reference to use for shopping or planning before you settle in to make your cards. Another helpful area of the class platform is where you can ask the instructor questions. You will be able to email the instructor to ask any question you may have while you review the class and while you make the cards.

While it's never too early to start thinking about your Christmas cards, the 10 Festive Christmas Cards for the Busy Crafter class teaches you much more than just how to create Christmas-themed cards.

Megan begins her class by introducing herself to you, and then she shares how she has gone about creating upwards of 50-plus cards for the holidays. The tips she shares on planning and prepping can aid in making thank you or birthday cards, not just Christmas cards.

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Using Megan's tips on organizing and planning, I started planning a thank you card. I always need thank you cards. I even used the overall design of one of Megan's Christmas cards as the basis of my thank you card design.

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Here are some basic guidelines to follow when creating multiples of the same card -- for Christmas and more:
  1. Figure out how much of each element you will need to purchase to create the given number of cards you are going to make. If you are going to make 10 cards, and you can make two card bases out of a single 8 1/2 x 11-inch piece of cardstock, then make sure you have five pieces of cardstock ready. Continue this for each element. Gather the supplies before you begin. Megan even recommends making a few extra cards, just to have on hand.
  2. Batch-create each step in the card; that is, cut all the card bases, then score and fold all the card bases, cut all the background papers for each card, punch out all the stars (or whatever shape), stamp all the sentiments. Then assemble the card. Megan suggests organizing each step into containers or even plastic zip bags so you can keep everything organized and work on the prep at different times.
  3. Get others involved in helping with the production of your cards. Young children (and even husbands) can help by cutting cardstock, punching shapes or assembling the final card. Make it fun and do it together!
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I encourage you to check out this class; these 10 beautiful Christmas cards are just a bonus to the multiple tips Megan shares with you that will improve and streamline your overall card making. We have a special offer for our readers -- 20% off this class when you use the keycode PGV01UP* at checkout!

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