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A Card & a Treat

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Candy corn in the stores, falling leaves and cooler temps tell us it's the time of year our boys and ghouls have been waiting for -- a season of treats, hopefully without any tricks! While we will give out candy by the handfuls to the kids in the neighborhood on Beggars Night, those near and dear to you deserve a special treat. In this newsletter, I will give you a couple of different ideas on how you can incorporate a treat with a card.

There are many different ways you can include some candy with a card or tag that a kid of any age would love to receive as a special treat for Halloween. Start by looking for the cute bags on the market that are meant for cookies or favors. They range in size from 2-4 inches wide by 3-5 inches tall. You can find these at many craft-supply stores as well as party stores. I like to purchase ones that are neutral in color or design so I can embellish them to fit the occasion. For Halloween, you can add stamping, embellishments or even a jack-o'-lantern face cut from black cardstock. The bags are easy to decorate since they are made from paper. Simply adhering a bag to the front of a card or tying it on with a bit of ribbon or twine will keep the bag secure until it has been delivered.

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Another thing you can easily do is to create a shaker card from scratch by reusing clear packing that many different types of scrapbooking or paper-crafting embellishments come in. Fill the shaker with a bit of candy and add it to the front of a card, or tie a Halloween tag to the top of the candy-filled shaker.

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Finally, you can create a custom card with a few scores on a piece of cardstock to make a pocket within the card for a bag of treats to be included inside. Try making this type of card as follows:

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  1. Start with a 12 x 5 1/2-inch piece of cardstock.
  2. Score the cardstock at 4, 4 1/2, 5 and 9 inches.
  3. Start by folding up at the 4-inch score. Fold down at the 4 1/2-inch score and up at the 5-inch score. Then fold up at the 9-inch score to create the 3-inch flap for closing the card.
  4. Add a small piece of hook-and-loop tape under the 3-inch flap and on the top of the 4-inch panel at the opposite end of the card, making sure that when the card is closed (the 3-inch flap folds over the first 4-inch panel), the hook side of the tape meets the loop side.
  5. Embellish the card front and inside as desired.
  6. Add a small bag of candy inside the card. Staple or add a bit of double-sided tape to keep the bag in place and close.

These are just a few of the different ways that you can add a treat to avoid any tricks from those little (and big) beggars that you know and love. Give one method or all of them a try!