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Interactive Card: Penny-Slider Card

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Like many of us, I make a lot of cards. Many times I just need to create a quick and easy card, and other times, I get an opportunity to make a card that is a bit more complex and, mostly, a bit more fun. One of the cards that everyone seems to enjoy is penny-slider cards. It doesn't matter if the recipient is 6 or 60 years old; no one can resist tilting and turning his or her card to make the penny slide across the card. While a penny-slider card may look like an advanced card, it really is fairly simple to create. In this newsletter, I will walk you through the process, step by step.

A penny-slider card is a card that has two pennies that are held together by a piece of foam adhesive to create the slider. The slider is inserted in a track or channel that has been cut on cardstock and adhered to the card. The slider is then topped with an item such as a stamped image or embellishment that fits the theme of the card.

After determining the theme of your card, figure out what element you want to have move across or around your card. You should begin by making the channel for the pennies to slide within. Working on a cardstock panel that will eventually be added to the front of your finished card, use a pencil to sketch out the path of the slider. The next step is drawing the channel to make it wide enough to allow your foam adhesive to slide without touching the sides of the channel. Most foam adhesive circles or squares are around 1/4-inch wide. The channel needs to be approximately 1/16 to 1/8 inch wider on each side. The path can be straight across the card horizontally, or up and down vertically, or have an arc going across the card; it can be made so that pennies move back and forth, or the path can even be completely circular. To finish the channel, place your panel on a self-healing mat and cut along your pencil lines with a sharp craft knife.

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Now that your path is cut, the panel needs to be added to the front of your card. Elevate the panel so the penny slider can move without dragging on the card front. To accomplish this, add at least one layer of foam adhesive around the back side of the channel panel. It is key that the foam adhesive on the back of your channel panel doesn't touch the bottom penny as it moves along the path. The easy way to ensure that you have a clear path is by laying a penny on the back of the channel and moving it along the path as you add foam adhesive. You'll want at least a couple of pieces of foam adhesive along the path of the channel to support it since the weight of the two pennies can cause the panel to collapse. Once you have the foam adhesive placed, adhere it to the front of the card.

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With your panel prepped and channel cut, creating the actual slider is the easy part. Take two pennies and place a piece of foam adhesive between them. This should be the size of the foam that you used to determine the width of the path. Insert the slider into the path on the card by placing one edge of the bottom penny in the path and then slightly bending the cardstock so the other edge of the bottom penny pops below the panel. The slider will have one penny under the panel and one penny on top of the panel.

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To finish your card, adhere either a stamped image or embellishment to the center of the top penny with a bit of glue, a glue-dot or foam adhesive. What are some of the fun themes you can think of to use in conjunction with a penny slider? A few of my favorites are a sun sliding across the sky, a baseball flying through the air, a spider falling from a web, a car motoring down the road, and a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. If you've never made a penny-slider card before, give it a try!

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