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Trends in Paper Crafting

What's trending in 2017 for paper crafts? What's the hot technique or design? After spending the past week in Phoenix, Ariz., for the annual Craft & Hobby Association trade show, I started to see a pattern or trend in several areas. Get ready for watercolors, puffy stickers and cute animals!

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These three trends aren't necessarily new, but they are definitely increasing in popularity or strengthening their grasp in the paper-crafting industry. Watercolors, puffy stickers and cute animals make me feel like I am back in middle school in the 1980s!

Let's start with watercoloring. This technique has been around for ages. We all (or, at least, a lot of us) had our eight-pack of watercolors in kindergarten and went to town painting creative backgrounds or attempting to color in the lines of a coloring book. Now watercoloring has gotten more sophisticated. Many companies are have come out with their own palettes filled with assorted hues of paints. With the increase of watercoloring tools, you will now find more card bases and tags made from watercolor paper (paper that is made to absorb the water better than regular paper or cardstock). I even found stickers that are made from watercolor paper that mimic the coloring trend that we saw last year with the adult coloring books. That's taking it to a new level!

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The next trend I saw emerging again is puffy stickers. Many companies at the trade show had puffy stickers in their new collections. Puffy stickers are coming out in icons, sentiments and even alphabets. They add dimension to your projects without adding weight. The puffy stickers I remember from the past had a shiny finish to them. The new stickers tend to have a nice matte finish and seem a bit more grown up. My inner 11-year-old wanted all of them!

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Finally, the last trend that I found absolutely adorable are the cute animals. Yes, there are sweet puppy and kitty stamps, stickers and papers out there, but I am talking new animals that are showing their sweet faces, such as llamas, otters, sloths, hedgehogs, flamingos, giraffes and so many more! The other fun thing I noticed is the traditional dog and cat are now becoming hipsters to up their game. They can't let the new animals take away their spotlight! There were dogs wearing glasses and hats, looking like they should be in Brooklyn instead of on your birthday card. There are so many fun new takes on the cute animals that we all love to add to our cards.

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They say all that is old is new again. This is very true in the different trends I noticed at the annual Craft & Hobby Association show. I'm really enjoying the revamped and updated trends I remember from my childhood. We are all kids at heart -- right?

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