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Lisa’s Storage Tip

Hello! It’s Lisa with a couple storage tips to share with you today. I think it is so easy to become overwhelmed by supplies. The various sizes, packaging, and the rainbow of colors can make a craft space feel cluttered and small. When … Continue reading


Pamela’s CardMaker Tip

Bill-paying-day will never be the same! Hello everyone! Pamela here today to share one of my most fun card-making tips. Before you throw out those security envelopes that your bills come in, take a look at what you can create … Continue reading


Kim’s Technique of the Week: Ribbon Inking

Hi everybody! Kim here from My Kraft Kloset and I’m sharing a technique that is an oldie, but a goodie—ribbon inking! Have you ever searched and searched for the perfect ribbon to match your project, only to come up empty … Continue reading


Pamela’s Storage Tip

One thing that I always have within arm’s reach is a heavy-duty 3-hole punch because I am the Notebook Queen! The members of my writers’ group are always teasing me about my notebooks. Every book I’m researching or plotting gets … Continue reading


Dawn’s CardMaker Tip: Take Your Dry Embossing to the Next Level

I love adding texture to my cards with embossing folders. There are so many available in a variety of backgrounds and edges. My collection continues to grow with each stamp show I attend! LOL! Sometimes though, the folder itself is … Continue reading


Linda’s Storage Tip

Whether you have a tiny space or a big space, storage is a constant concern. It has to work and it may take some time to figure that out. I know that I have had to sit a few different times and … Continue reading


Lisa’s Technique of the Week

Hello! It’s Lisa with a technique video and project for you today. This is my first video, so you’ll have to kindly overlook any clunky and less than smooth transitions. Today’s technique is using freezer paper to create a mask. This is … Continue reading


Linda’s CardMaker Tip

I get to share a tip with you today when it comes to card making and my tip ended up actually being three little tips. They are ways to help you think outside the box when it comes to using your … Continue reading


Guest Post: Christine Okken

Hello CardMaker Friends! Today I’m popping in for a little guest post designed with some “movin’ and groovin’ in mind!” It’s all about cards that move! It really is fun to create a little surprise in our card making, and interactive … Continue reading


Pamela’s Technique of the Week: Woven Squares

Hello everyone! Pamela here today to teach you how to weave squares. I created the turquoise trim on my card by employing this technique. I have lots of pictures today so you can see step-by-step how to create the trim. … Continue reading