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Kim’s Travel Crafting Tips

Hi everybody! Kim here from My Kraft Kloset sharing my storage tips for when I go on vacation. Yes, that’s right, I craft while on vacation—and why not? I still see all the sites and venture around. However, I’m not much … Continue reading


Lisa’s Storage Tip

Hello! It’s Lisa with a couple storage tips to share with you today. I think it is so easy to become overwhelmed by supplies. The various sizes, packaging, and the rainbow of colors can make a craft space feel cluttered and small. When … Continue reading


Pamela’s Storage Tip

One thing that I always have within arm’s reach is a heavy-duty 3-hole punch because I am the Notebook Queen! The members of my writers’ group are always teasing me about my notebooks. Every book I’m researching or plotting gets … Continue reading


Linda’s Storage Tip

Whether you have a tiny space or a big space, storage is a constant concern. It has to work and it may take some time to figure that out. I know that I have had to sit a few different times and … Continue reading


Carisa’s Storage Tip

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my tips on organizing which is kind of funny because I am probably the LEAST organized person ever. It is unfortunately not my strongest point but as a crafter and artist with supplies that seem to multiply … Continue reading


Lisa’s Storage Tip

Hello! It’s Lisa with a storage tip and a project to share with you. Organizing the vast supplies that cardmakers seem to amass is a huge undertaking. I’m hoping this tip gives you an idea to make your supplies easier to access. … Continue reading


Dawn’s Storage Tip

It’s Dawn here today sharing easy storage tips for marker refills. I love visiting thrift stores and garage sales; I’m always on the lookout for anything that can be used in my craft room! One day while in a thrift store, I found these two wooden crates. … Continue reading


Pamela’s Storage Tip

Hello everyone! Pamela here today to share a storage tip for stamps. The perfectionist side of me loves everything in its place. That’s not true for my worktable though, but that’s a post for another day. This is the organizer … Continue reading


Kim’s Storage Tip

  Hi everybody! Kim here to share a storage tip. My favorite storage item is my tote bag filled with basic supplies for card making or scrapbooking. It goes everywhere with me when I’m crafting. There are many styles and brands … Continue reading


Stacy’s Storage Tip

Good morning! Stacy here with today’s Storage Tip. Now you might be looking at the pictures below and thinking to yourself that storage tip must mean chaos—ha, ha! I would tend to agree except it is “organized chaos.” I do have a method … Continue reading