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Sean’s Storage Tip

Hi! This is Sean. I’m happy to be sharing a tip with you today. I would like to show you how I store my stamp sets. When I find a line of stamps that I fall in love with, I … Continue reading


Jeanne’s Storage Tip

Hi! Jeanne here today with a storage idea! We all love cutting dies. How many times have you lost a little die mid project? I know I have. I’ve found a solution to that issue that has worked really well for … Continue reading


Juliana’s Storage Tip

Hello CardMaker Fans! It’s Juliana here with you today to share my favorite tip for storing and organizing my craft supplies. I don’t have just one tip, but two really simple ones … keep it clear and keep it close! … Continue reading


Daniela’s Storage Tip

Hello! It’s Daniela with a storage tip for your adhesives. I am a very messy crafter. My table is filled with various items, and I am constantly looking for something, mostly my adhesive. When my son started kindergarten and I … Continue reading


Kim’s Travel Crafting Tips

Hi everybody! Kim here from My Kraft Kloset sharing my storage tips for when I go on vacation. Yes, that’s right, I craft while on vacation—and why not? I still see all the sites and venture around. However, I’m not much … Continue reading


Lisa’s Storage Tip

Hello! It’s Lisa with a couple storage tips to share with you today. I think it is so easy to become overwhelmed by supplies. The various sizes, packaging, and the rainbow of colors can make a craft space feel cluttered and small. When … Continue reading


Pamela’s Storage Tip

One thing that I always have within arm’s reach is a heavy-duty 3-hole punch because I am the Notebook Queen! The members of my writers’ group are always teasing me about my notebooks. Every book I’m researching or plotting gets … Continue reading


Linda’s Storage Tip

Whether you have a tiny space or a big space, storage is a constant concern. It has to work and it may take some time to figure that out. I know that I have had to sit a few different times and … Continue reading


Carisa’s Storage Tip

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my tips on organizing which is kind of funny because I am probably the LEAST organized person ever. It is unfortunately not my strongest point but as a crafter and artist with supplies that seem to multiply … Continue reading


Lisa’s Storage Tip

Hello! It’s Lisa with a storage tip and a project to share with you. Organizing the vast supplies that cardmakers seem to amass is a huge undertaking. I’m hoping this tip gives you an idea to make your supplies easier to access. … Continue reading